Board of Directors Meeting

March 27, 2020


Type of Meeting: Teleconference

Call to Order by President


I. Roll Call –

    • Tom Barrett
    • JC Wheaton
    • Joe Twardzik
    • John Dolle
    • Jerrad Lee
    • Kris Keckley
    • Perry Bruggeman
    • John Newlin

II. Presidents Report:  Jerrad Lee

    • Talked about IA Legislative Fly in.
    • *H2B
    • Tax credit for installing Smart Irrigation Technology
    • Communication
    • Social Media
    • Linked In & Face book (Jerrad to take care of)

III. Tom Barrett Report

    • Economic Response by Federal Government
    • SBA Loans vs. Grant Money

IV. Goals : Jerrad Lee

    • Education: using IA education materials
    • National IA become a chapter?
    • What this means is they do administrative work for a fee
    • Membership increase numbers
    • Become a part of OIA or ONLA?
    • Have an Advocate for the state of Ohio communicate with IA

V.            Adjournment