IA Offering a Host of Webinars
for Education Week

First, the bad news: The national Irrigation Association’s 2020 Irrigation Show, originally scheduled for Nov. 30-Dec. 4 in San Antonio, has been cancelled due to social distancing requirements.

Now, the good news: The educational component of the traditional Irrigation Show will be offered virtually as part of the IA’s Education Week, Nov. 30-Dec. 4. These webinars will include IA University classes normally offered in person.

Education Week Webinars

Below is a listing of the landscape irrigation webinars sponsored by Site One, which are scheduled for Education Week. Click the course link for additional information.

Beginner Courses:


The IA will be offering a FREE Math Tutorial during Education Week, Nov. 30-Dec.4. The one-hour tutorial will provide an intensive review of the most common calculations and formulas used in irrigation system design, installation, audits and maintenance.

Intermediate Courses

Advanced Courses

Business Courses (Intermediate)

Certification Courses

In addition, from Dec.7-18, the IA and Site One will be offering a network of in-person written certification exams after completion of the following Education Week courses:


For all of the above-listed courses…

Trade Show Networking

A primary component of any trade show is the social networking. To this end, the IA is continuing to work with exhibitors in an effort to offer networking opportunities, as well as to deliver information on cutting-edge irrigation technologies, products and services.

Looking for a particular vendor or product? Then check out the IA Preferred Vendor Directory, where you’ll find a list of all virtual show exhibitors and contact information. You can also peruse the various entries in the 2020 New Product Contest and cast your vote by Nov. 18 by for the most innovative products or services.

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