EPA Program Has Transformed
Landscape Irrigation Industry

Over the last 16 years, the EPA’s WaterSense program has transformed the landscape irrigation market with products that save water, energy, and money.

The program’s accomplishments include:

  • Helping Americans save 6.4 trillion gallons of water – the equivalent of water used by all U.S. households in eight months;
  • Saving more than $135 billion in water and energy bills through the use of WaterSense products and practices;
  • Reducing the amount of energy needed to pump, treat, and heat water by 754 billion kilowatt hours – enough to power 70 million homes for one year.

Irrigation Certification and Labeling

WaterSense began certifying and labeling weather-based irrigation controllers in 2011 and sprinkler heads in 2017. Soil moisture sensors joined the suite of WaterSense-labled irrigation products in 2021. All of these WaterSense products can be combined to achieve even more efficiency and savings.

Fix a Leak Week

This year, the EPA’s annual Fix a Leak Week runs from March 20 through 26.  This is the best time to remind your customers to plug those water-wasting household leaks, including any leaks in their irrigation system.

Encourage them to schedule their Spring tune-ups early before the seasonal rush. The sooner you correct any problems, the better!

Also, refer your customers to the EPA’s Fix a Leak resources page for information about identifying and repairing common household leaks.

The EPA estimates that replacing a standard clock-based irrigation controller with a WaterSense-labled controller can save an average home up to 15,000 gallons of water annually. An additional 5,600 gallons of water can be saved by switching to a WaterSense sprinkler head.

To date, more than 1,100 product models of sprinkler heads, irrigation controllers, and soil sensors have earned the WaterSense label for efficiency and performance.

Drip Irrigation

In 2018, WaterSense created two drip irrigation guides, offering design, installation, and maintenance tips. The guides were designed to assist homeowners and irrigation professionals in maximizing outdoor water efficiency while enhancing the health and beauty of the landscape.

During Covid

Ohio IA Represented
at Advocacy Day

JC Wheaton, Tom Barrett, and Scott Knowles represented the Ohio IA at Ohio Green Industry Advocacy Day on February 22, 2023. The Ohio IA members met with their local legislators to discuss issues most pertinent to the state’s irrigation industry.

In addition, WaterSense developed new social media tools to help promote the use of mulch and drought-tolerant plants. And a new turf grass page on the EPA’s website promoted smart lawn management decisions.

Also in 2020, WaterSense collaborated with the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) to offer a series of free public webinars on various outdoor water topics. More than 400 attendees learned about plant choices, soil amendments, landscape transformations, and the benefits of soil moisture sensors.

Want to Become WaterSense Certified?

Becoming a certified WaterSense professional demonstrates to your customers that you have the knowledge and experience to help them save both water and money. Click Here to learn about the program’s benefits and requirements.

Featured Image: Irrigation Association
WaterSense Accomplishment Reports 2017-2021