Plan Ahead to Promote Your Business During the Industry’s Showcase Month

July is Smart Irrigation Month — the irrigation industry’s showcase month.

So now’s the time to position your business as a leader in water-saving practices by promoting smart and efficient irrigation.

The Irrigation Association offers a plethora of resources to promote your business during Smart Irrigation Month. If you’ve never taken advantage of these marketing tools, you’re missing out on effective ways to enhance your brand.

Social Media Tools

The IA has created several customizable social media tools to help you promote smart irrigation throughout the month of July. Such as:

  • Social media cover photos for your company’s profile page on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Landscape irrigation infographics and snippets for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Articles on irrigation best practices to include in your company’s monthly blog or newsletter.
  • The Smart Irrigation Month logo to include in your company’s July email campaign.

More Tips

But there’s also a host of other ways to use the IA’s smart irrigation resources to market your business as a leader in water efficiency. Here are just a few:

  • Demonstrate your support for smart irrigation by using #smartirrigationmonth on all social media on Technology Tuesday, July 6, 2021.
  • Add the Smart Irrigation Month logo to your home page, company advertisements, customer presentations, field signs and invoices.
  • Submit a press release or letter to the editor of your local newspaper, outlining how your company practices smart irrigation.
  • Partner with your local Ohio water provider.
  • Ask your local radio station to air a Smart Irrigation Month public service announcement.
  • Encourage your sales and marketing staff to participate in Smart Irrigation Month activities sponsored by dealers and distributors.
  • Host a live demonstration of water-saving irrigation technologies in the field or at your place of business.
  • Feature water-efficient products and services in your company’s displays, ads, promotions and product demos, prominently incorporating the Smart Irrigation Month logo.
  • Make smart irrigation the theme of sales calls.
  • Distribute awards to customers and/or business partners who promote water-efficient practices.

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